The DataLab is pleased to announce that the Multiple Births Database (HMBD) has just received the Open Science Prize for Research Data 2023 category “creating the conditions of reuse” - see the press release


Welcome to the website of the DataLab of  the French Institute of Demographic Studies (INED)!

This website presents the activities of the DataLab and provides access to online resources to explore the surveys and the demographic and contextual databases it makes available.

Survey data

INED DataLab provides data from INED surveys and the Generations and Gender Program (GGP) project, in collaboration with Quetelet PROGEDO Diffusion. These data come from various national or international surveys.

INED conducts questionnaire-based surveys, most often in collaboration with other organizations, addressing issues such as couples’ trajectories, migration processes, fertility, contraception, family relations and relations with the employer.


Demographic and Contextual Databases

INED DataLab develops and maintains demographic and contextual databases. These databases bring together a variety indicators, mainly in the field of demography (mortality, birth rate, migration, etc.), but also sociology, economics and politics. They cover a large number of European countries, and even the world in some cases.

INED develops demographic and contextual databases, in particular thanks to various collaborations with other institutes abroad. Most of them are freely available.


The DataLab is pleased to announce the launch of DataIned, INED’s new online catalog of surveys and data!